Listening Lunches

LISTENING TOGETHER  July 26-29 Tues-Friday noon-1pm

campaign office: A.P.E. Gallery  sandwiches and ice tea provided
  • political despair and the difficulty of connecting and conversing across differences of political perspective and alienation.
  • Constructive Conversations in Hard Times
  • compassionate listening tools
with Action Research and Outreach Coordinator, EE MILLER and JAVIERA BENAVENTE
  • Supersedures and Swarms: Locating Leadership > Consolidating Collective Platform
  • “I want a President” final revision of  Zoe Leonoard’s 1992 text for our action at 7pm
  •   Live readings from Arundhati Roy, Joy Harjo, and Danez Smith.
  • intro / Citizens United project
  • Ultra Red’s The Debt, 2004, sound collage.
    8 tracks, press release, and cover art available to download here.
  • Laboria Cuboniks’s XF Manifesto. 2015, text.
    sections 0x04 – 0x07 live reading, 4 voices.
Jocelyn Edens is the Kress Curatorial Fellow at Hampshire College. Recent curatorial projects include “Codes for Conduct,” an exhibition co-curated with Lindsey Berfond at NURTUREart that staged controlled and unrehearsed interactions between the body and digital tools, and “The Development,” an exhibition and mobile app that propose an infrastructure for adaptive and local models of creative economies in New York’s Hudson Valley. She is currently researching Citizens United v FEC and the tools, structures, and actions available to the cultural sphere because of this Supreme Court decision. From 2010-2012, she was the curator of education at the Coleman Center for the Arts, a contemporary art organization in rural Alabama that commissions public projects in partnership with visiting artists and area residents.



Programmers include:

Nelson Ramon
Jocelyn Edens
kara lynch
Dean Spade
Dori Midnight
Chris Tinson
Ginger Brooks Takahashi
EE Miller

Program  includes words from:
Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
Against Me
The Audre Lorde Project
James Bald
Judi Bari
Black Youth Project 100
Angélica Cházaro
Lucille Clifton
Laboria Cuboniks
Tom BK Goldtooth
Reina Gossett

Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Joy Harjo
June Jordan

Joanna Macy
CeCe McDonald
Negro Fellowship League of Chicago (1917)
Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement

Nina Simone
Malcolm X

Ida B Wells-Barnett